Web Line 13: 6 Tools for Managing Your Reputation and Competitors

Derived From
Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, Trust Agents


Web Line 12: Five Keys to Maintaining Your Network

Actions: Managing Your Reputation/Competitors
Part of leveraging your time and effort is to use the web tools that are now available.
Here’s some for keeping an ear tuned for what people are saying about you online…

  1. Google Alerts : Each time a keyword is searched or mentioned, you get mail.
  2. Rank Checker – Firefox Plugin : Checks your Google ranking.
  3. Technorati Blog Links : Check the number of links your blog is getting. Alternatively use Google Blog Search.
  4. Compete.com : Compare your web traffic to others in your field.
  5. Twitter Grader : Who are the twitterati in your industry/area? How do you compare?
  6. Search.Twitter.com : What’s being said online on any topic right now?

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