Web Line 14: How to Spot the Digital Natives

Web Line 14: How to Spot the Digital Natives

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Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, Trust Agents

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Web Line 13: 6 Tools for Managing Your Reputation and Competitors

RAP 6: Be Helpful

: You may know how to interact with people face-to-face. Online, the intent is the same : be helpful.

The Next Revolution
Companies were in charge from 1950 to 2005.
They not only controlled the major communications channels, they were the only ones that could afford
to play their message on them.
Now, consumers are in charge of communication.
On the net you can’t buy mass impact – there’s simply too many channels.
With your channel you can have your say.
With fans and followers your voice can be amplified.

The web was built for decentralized communication.
Commerce was added later.
This is the golden rule for being online.

How to Spot the Digital Natives
Digital Natives know how to interact online.
It’s the rest of us that need to learn.
Here’s what they look like:

  • They’re not stupid, they just have short attention spans.
  • And, they’re probably multi-threading – doing several things at once.
  • If you’re message is not engaging, they’re not interested.
  • They won’t tolerate one-way monologues. They expect interaction.
  • And, remember they’re people too!

PS: I’m clearly NOT a digital native. I bought a book, yes a BOOK, to help me learn how to use my iPhone! LOL!

The Lay of the Land
When joining a new group or platform, listen to reveal the culture of the place.
For example:

  • LinkedIn : Reputation building for business people.
  • Facebook : Easy connections for people, mostly personal.
  • Twitter : SMS on steroids or like a huge conference call. Everyone gets a say!
  • Blogs : This is your home base. Treat it like home and be a good visitor for others.

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