Web Line 12: 5 Keys to Maintaining Your Network

Web Line 12: 5 Keys to Maintaining Your Network

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Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, Trust Agents
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Web Line 11: Five Steps to Building Your Network

Actions: Maintaining Your Network

  1. Touch Regularly : Simple personal messages count.
  2. Calendar Reminders : Use technology to alert you to birthdays and other special events.
  3. Service Levels : Know the limit of what you can provide. Don’t over promise or build false expectations.
  4. Sort Your Network : Some people are simply more important to you than others. Identify your friends and keep in touch with them as your priority.
  5. Build Armies : When you build trust you build a platform to make requests. An army can help you get things done.

Actions: What do I put on my Business Cards?
Yes, you still need them!

As a minimum you want your name, mobile, email + blog URL.

Plus add any other ways you want to be contacted.
For instance, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn.
You choose which ones are most important to you.

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