Ten things to review to see if you are out of date

Are you out of date? Planner 2013

  On the weekend I was doing a spring clean. (Even though it’s not actually Spring in Australia). Along the way, I found an unopened Year Planner in mint condition. I thought ‘this could be useful’ until I realized that it was a Year Planner for 2013. Mmm… that’s two years ago. Not much use […]

Brian Coogan – Protect Your Website

Brian Coogan - WD3

Is your website safe? Recently, I had my Book Rapper website hacked. I was fortunate that they didn’t deface my site they merely made some small back door entries into my site files. Whilst I was completely oblivious to this, I received a call from my trusty web hosting company to tell me about the […]

How to Write Your Website Bio

Geoff McDonald

Blind Dates There’s a popular saying these days that ‘There’s no such thing as a blind date anymore.’ This is Google and the web at work. It’s now so easy to check someone out before we meet them or do business with them. As a result, it’s little surprise that the ‘About’ page on your […]

Wes Towers: The New Rules of Website Marketing

Wes Towers, Omnific Design

Wes Towers from Omnific Design talks about the new rules of website marketing for consultants. It’s how to use your website to generate leads. This is episode 029 of the Ideas Architect Podcast. Our Topic: Wes Towers Wes Towers has been running Omnific Design for over 10 years providing website marketing and graphic design. In […]

Mobile Friendly Website: 8 Reasons You Need One

Mobile Devices - iPad, iPhone

Mobile Friendly If you’re like most people you probably carry your mobile phone everywhere you go. And, even when you’re at home it’s usually within reaching distance. Your smartphone and tablet are increasingly how we go online. In the good old days we only had to design our website for the desktop. Today, you need […]