Four Reasons to Run a Webinar Series

I’m often asked how successful my webinars are… Usually the question is directed at finding out how many people attend my webinars. Whilst this is important it depends on your strategy as to whether this is the key measure of success. Here’s four ways to measure the success of your webinars… 1 The Invite Being […]

The Book Rapper Webinar Series 2012

Following from the success of our webinars from last year we’re launching a series of new webinars for this year. We will be continuing with our Book Rapper series of webinars. These will be complimentary webinars. You can attend and participate in the live events or if you register you can also listen to the […]

How to Attract Your Ideal Clients – Slideshow

Do you have enough clients? Are they your ideal clients? And, how hard are you working to have them work with you? In this webinar we explore how you can stand out from the crowd and stop being just another service provider competing on price and constantly chasing clients. We present a big idea that […]

Webinar : How to Work From Virtually Anywhere

The Digital Nomad With the rise of laptops, mobile broadband and cloud computing we no longer need to be in our office to get things done. Welcome to the life of the digital nomad! It’s a lifestyle based on working where ever you are at that time. It might be working in your home-office, at […]

9 Gihan Perera: Webinar Smarts

Our second post in a series counting down the 10 most influential books I’ve read this year – 2011. Gihan Perera; Webinar Smarts: Power Secrets of Engaging, Profitable Webinars I made more money because I read this book Every year I aim to read 50 books. That’s one a week. I just love books… And, […]

Design Your Business Game

Register for this and future complimentary webinars Have you ever spent hours playing a video game? Would you like that level of focus for your business? The Gamification of Business is big business because it inspires excitement, improves results and increases productivity. Geoff McDonald has been designing board game and card games used for training […]

How to Create A Complete Content Marketing System Using Webinars

When you find your thing, it’ll seem right and your results will take off. And, I think I’ve found my content marketing thing in webinars. I’ve now completed 12 of them over at Ideas Marketing. They really suit my way of packaging up ideas and sharing them. I create a bunch of slides and then […]