Webinar : How to Work From Virtually Anywhere

Gihan Perera

The Digital Nomad

With the rise of laptops, mobile broadband and cloud computing we no longer need to be in our office to get things done. Welcome to the life of the digital nomad! It’s a lifestyle based on working where ever you are at that time. It might be working in your home-office, at a client’s office, at a hotel as you travel or at a local cafe. And, over the Summer holiday period, you might even be travelling interstate or overseas with your family.

In this special webinar we’ll be talking with an expert who does work from virtually anywhere.

Gihan Perera

Internet strategy coach and founder of eGurus.biz, Gihan Perera will be sharing his experience of working in his local cafe, whilst travelling throughout Australia and in a foreign country with a different time zone.

Gihan will be discussing a selection of ideas from his latest book, co-authored with Chris Pudney, ‘Out of Office: Using the Internet for Greater Freedom in Your Work Life‘. We reviewed Out of Office here. And he’ll share his tips and tricks, strategies and suggestions for being productive AND staying secure when you’re constantly travelling or working from multiple locations. Plus, you’ll have the chance to ask Gihan your personal questions.

Webinar Details

Thursday December 15, 2011
12:30pm to 1:15pm AEST (Melbourne, Australia)

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