How to Create A Complete Content Marketing System Using Webinars

Webinars: A Complete Content Marketing System

When you find your thing, it’ll seem right and your results will take off. And, I think I’ve found my content marketing thing in webinars. I’ve now completed 12 of them over at Ideas Marketing.

They really suit my way of packaging up ideas and sharing them. I create a bunch of slides and then simply talk to the slides. This suits my way of creating simple visuals, plus it’s easier for me to talk than write. And best of all, they form a complete content marketing system.

Here’s the before, during and after of my webinar process…



  • Live: Personality
  • Questions/Interaction
  • Promote Events


The Before stage is all about promoting the event. And, given the webinars are free this is a great way to connect with people and offer something of value with minimal sales focus.

The During stage is a chance to share my personality – much easier to do this live whilst talking than putting it into some written text. Plus, it’s interactive, people online get to ask questions along the way.

After the webinar there’s plenty of opportunity to repackage the recordings as content to share the ideas further and wider.

This is the power of a webinar as the central plank in a content marketing platform.

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