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Gary Vaynerchuk on Content Marketing

Here’s a short sharp video from Gary V on Content Marketing…   A couple of key points to reinforce: Marketing is changing. Content is King. Content is a commodity. Quality matters. Solve your customers’ problems. Whilst, this is a high quality production that rivals mass media TV, when we say ‘quality content’, we’re not talking…

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The Science of Persuasion

A stunning video book summary of Robert Cialdini’s classic text, Influence in under 12 minutes. [easyazon-link asin=”006124189X” locale=”us”]Buy Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion on Amazon[/easyazon-link]   Mmm… got me thinking about how to do Book Rapper differently… I could draw like this with a little practice. Although I think my skill is more around creating…

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The E-Book Revolution by Gihan Perera

Given I’m re-inventing Book Rapper at the moment, I’m on the look out for comments, thoughts and takes on books, e-books and publishing. Here’s a webinar and interesting take on ebooks by Internet Coach Gihan Perera. It’s called The E-Book Revolution. He makes the point that instead of selling ebooks for their own sake, the…

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For Future Sake Presentation

This presentation was made to the Thought Leaders conference back in 2008 in Sydney. It was a five minute lightning talk. In this case I was limited to five minutes and a handful of slides. This is a post-event recording using Apple Keynote. You can probably tell I’m reading it… I think the message is…

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How to Work Virtually Anywhere: Video

With the rise of laptops, mobile broadband and cloud computing, we no longer need to be in our office to get things done. Welcome to the life of the digital nomad! It’s a lifestyle based on working where ever you are at that time. It might be working in your home-office, at a client’s office,…

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Simon Sinek: Start With Why

Here’s a great TED video from Simon Sinek. It’s 18 minutes long and worth every minute. We’ll be discussing Simon’s book Start With Why in this weeks Book Rapper webinar. To find out more and register for this event. Buy Start with Why on Amazon Buy Start with Why on Amazon  

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