How to Create a Persuasive Webinar

Chip and Dan Heath: Made to Stick

I love the work of Chip and Dan Heath! I love their work so much I did not one, but two Book Rapper issues on their work. We rapped both of their bestselling books: Made to Stick and Switch.

Made to Stick is all about designing your message so people get it – quick, easy and longterm. Switch is almost a sequel. It’s about implementing lasting change. You could say it’s the old one-two: Share your message so people get it – then design it so it gets implemented. They fit like a hand in a glove!

Persuasive Webinars

Chip and Dan Heath: Switch

Gihan Perera is an internet coach. His book Webinar Smarts was our 9th most influential book for 2011. And, I’m pleased to say I’ll be interviewing Gihan on his new book Out of Office next week.

Gihan’s blog today is a video of him relating Chip and Dan Heath’s book Switch to creating persuasive presentations. In particular, persuasive webinars.

The content is great and so is the process he uses to demonstrate his point. It’s a great example of using a simple model or diagram as a structure for your story. Watch it twice. First time, listen to the content. Second time, watch the process.

Master these skills to be a masterful presenter and enhance the effectiveness of all your presentations – including your webinars.

The Crucial Point

The crucial point here is: Why do we make presentations? Why do we run webinars?

The crucial answer: To create some form of change. All attempts to influence, educate, inform… are attempts to inspire change.

A great question to ask next time you plan your presentation and webinar: What is the one thing your audience is going to change from having seen/listened to your presentation or webinar?

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