Business Coaching: Don’t Fix Problems

Group Business Coaching

Business Coaching In my experience working with clients and business coaching, I find they usually know what they want. The big three are: More clients and more money Get more done in less time Create something new and wonderful Whilst these are all desirable things for any business, we risk failing when we pursue them for […]

Project Design Books – Twelve of the Best

Three Gifts

The thing that I am most proud of around Project Passion is that it was fuelled by Book Rapper. Yep, re-reading my own material provided the insight I needed. It’s a neat reminder for me about the value of great books and the RAPs as a quick reference guide. Thus, this list of Project Design […]

How to Take Giant Leaps in Your Performance

The Book Steve Zaffron & Dave Logan, The Three Laws of Performance: Rewriting the Future of Your Organization and Your Life. Speed RAP The key to a breakthrough in your performance lies in seeing how your current situation is occurring to you. Change the context you are operating from and this will allow you to […]