How to Think Right Slideshow

A Whole New Mind

Daniel Pink’s best selling book A Whole New Mind provides a simple and clear roadmap for building your career. He suggests that left brain skills are important and no longer enough. Instead, the world is swinging to the right. And, the right brain skills of empathy, design, symphony, play, stories and meaning are becoming increasingly […]

The Plateau Effect – Slideshow

Here’s an interesting book summary by the authors promoting their book. It reflects what I’ve been saying around Book Rapper for some time… A book is one way to design, build and sell your idea. If you make it the only way you package your idea, your audience will be small. Instead, creates layers of […]

How to Become the Apple of Your Industry

This slideshow is derived from the Book Rapper version of John Edson’s fabulous book: Design Like Apple – Seven Principles for Creating Insanely Great Products Services and Experiences. Your challenge is to take these principles and become the Apple of your industry.   How to Become the Apple of Your Industry from Geoff McDonald

Leaderslip Slideshow

The End of Leadership The End of Leadership. Now, that’s a big call. If I had said it, nobody would have listened – it would merely sound like clickbait crying for attention. But when someone like Barbara Kellerman says those words, it holds a different level of significance. Kellerman is a widely regard leadership expert […]

Anti-Self-Help Slideshow

 Anti-Self-Help : How to Succeed in a about 10,000 hours – with a little help from your friends. This Book Rapper slideshow is derived from two books: Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers: The Story of Success Geoff Colvin, Talent is Overrated: What REALLY separates World Class Performers from Everybody Else. Anti-Self-Help – The Certain Path to Success […]

Automatic Success Slideshow

Automatic Success: How to Create Winning Habits Research suggests that around 40% of our decisions are habitual. In other words, we’re thinking and assessing what’s actually going on, we’re simply reacting in line with past behaviours. These are our habits at work. Our habits help us and hinder us. They save us from thinking in […]

Mobile Computing

Mobilize Me: Why Mobile Computing is the Key to Your Future Derived from Michael Saylor’s book The Mobile Wave. [easyazon-link asin=”1593157207″ locale=”us”]Buy The Mobile Wave on Amazon[/easyazon-link] Mobilize Me: Why Mobile Computing is the Key to Your Future from Geoff McDonald  

Simple Strategy

How to Profit From Your Unique Business Advantage Derived from Richard Rumelt’s book Good Strategy, Bad Strategy. [easyazon-link asin=”0307886239″ locale=”us”]Buy Good Strategy Bad Strategy on Amazon[/easyazon-link] Simple Strategy from Geoff McDonald

Book Review: Infinite Possibilities by Pine and Korn

How to use Digital Technology to Create Unique Customer Experiences Derived from Joseph Pine and Kim Korn’s book Infinite Possibility. [easyazon-link asin=”160509563X” locale=”us”]Buy Infinite Possibility on Amazon[/easyazon-link] The Third Place from Geoff McDonald Book Summary and Review: Infinite Possibility The Book This Book Rapper summary is derived from Joseph Pine and Kim Korn; Infinite Possibility […]

The Seven Keys to Marketing Your Idea

Marketing a product or service is very different from marketing your idea. For starters, ideas are everywhere – what’s going to make you and your idea stand out? In this webinar you’ll learn: • The simplest way to define your idea • How to design projects that attract customers • How to build awareness around […]