Seven ways to have a Content Creation Breakthrough

Seven Ways to Have a Content Creation Breakthrough

To get better results from your content creation you need to create better content. Today this is more important than ever because more content creators are publishing more content every single day. If you’re not producing better quality content, then you’re being left behind. But how do you take your content creation to the next […]

Content Creation Process – Three big mistakes people make

Content Creation Process - Three big mistakes people make

What are the keys to an effective Content Creation Process? How do you consistently produce good quality content? It takes a strong commitment to create and publish content on a regular basis. It’s not easy to be consistent over time. But too many content creators and thought leaders make this harder than it needs to […]

Review your Results in Two Simple Steps

Review Your Results Too many of us spend too long getting things done and not enough time learning from what we’ve achieved (or not). This is tragic when you can review your results in two simple steps and dramatically improve your future performance. Imagine this… You’ve just finished your work (your day, your project or […]

Review Your Performance

First Law of Performance

Review Your Work Do you ever stop and review how far you’ve come? Recently, I’ve updated a few old issues of Book Rapper for a client. When I say old, they were done 3-4 years ago. Seems like forever! Basically, I was converting the read rap or the pdf into a set of slides, a […]

Book Rapper Review: Word of Mouth Marketing

The Book Andy Sernovitz, Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking, Kaplan Publishing, New York, Revised Edition, 2009. Précis Word of Mouth Marketing is a low-cost, simple way to build upon the things that people are already saying about you and your business. Features ? Plenty of anecdotes, examples, case studies and […]

Book Rapper Review: Viral Loops

The Book Adam L Penenberg, Viral Loop: The Power of Pass-It-On, Hodder and Stoughton, London, 2009. Précis Business growth doesn’t need to be linear anymore. Instead, it can be exponential. If you want to multiply the value and quantity of your customer base in a very short period of time create viral loops, networks and […]