How to write a Personal Manifesto in five steps

How to write a personal manifesto in five steps

One way to be inspired in life every single day is to write a personal manifesto. Today, I’ll show you how in five simple steps, four different ways you can do it and I’ll share my personal example. 1 Change your Context Last year, was a disaster for me. I failed to achieve almost all […]

How Thought Leaders earn money from what they know

How Thought Leaders earn money from what they know

How Thought Leaders earn money from what they know One way to earn money from what you know is to package up what you know into cheap easy to buy parcels. You could create a manufactured solution, so it is always ready to pluck off the shelf when someone places an order. But to do […]

Content Creation Canvas: Build Thought Leadership Attract New Clients

Content Creation Canvas: Build Thought Leadership, Attract New Clients

Thought Leaders earn money from their ideas. This means the most important part of your business is to create and share your IP and content to attract and keep clients. But what IP and content should you create? How should you create it? And where should you share and publish it? The Content Creation Canvas […]

The Most Important Thought Leadership Skills to Develop

Which thought leadership skills are the best to grow and develop? You want to earn money from what you know so you can be rewarded for your experience and expertise. But what’s stopping you or slowing you down is that you’re missing some of the essential skills to share your ideas in ways that people […]

The Best Types of Thought Leadership Content to Create

The Best Types of Thought Leadership Content to Create

Usually when people discuss the best types of Thought Leadership Content to create they look for tactics. They want to know things like: The key to success is to write a 212-word post using three secret hashtags to publish on LinkedIn at precisely 8:37 am on a Tuesday morning and it needs to be liked […]

Three Steps to Boost Your Motivation for Productivity Gains

Motivation for Productivity - Getting things done

Motivation for Productivity Do you need motivation for productivity? In their brilliant book, Switch, Chip and Dan Heath suggest the most important thing for being productive is to boost your motivation. (I rapped this book over at Book Rapper as Sticky Change) Think back to the last time you were trying to complete an important […]

Innovation Lessons from Cooking Curry

Innovation Lessons - Curry

How to Cook a Curry I was talking recently with a colleague about food. In particular, we were talking about some of the ways different food in different countries evolved. The standout example was Indian food. In India we all know about the heavy use of spices in preparing curries that are cooked long and […]

Master Your Context

Master Your Context

In our earlier post, The Best Time to Be Born, we talked about how almost 20% of the richest people on the planet were born in a ten-year period in the US. Luck and good timing! Warren Bennis picks up this theme in his classic leadership text, On Becoming a Leader. His opening chapter is […]

Context: How to Drive Action

Product Plan - Retirement Plan -Holiday

How is a Manifesto different from a Mission and Vision Statement? In part one, we talked about ‘Who is it For?’ And, here we discuss the second big difference… the context they set. The End of Things As the terms suggests, the Vision or Mission Statements define the place we want to finish up. If […]

Gary Vaynerchuk on Content Marketing

Here’s a short sharp video from Gary Vaynerchuk on Content Marketing… A couple of key points to reinforce: Marketing is changing. Content is King. Content is a commodity. Quality matters. Solve your customers’ problems. Whilst, this is a high-quality production that rivals mass media TV, when we say ‘quality content’, we’re not talking about production […]