14 Marketing Trends for Thriving in the Digital Era

Meatball Sundae: Thriving in the Digital Marketing Era

        Marketing Trends Marketing trends emerge when the rules of marketing change. And marketing has changed have changed because of the new digital tools. That’s the blunt message from marketing guru Seth Godin in his best-selling book Meatball Sundae. (I summarized as the Book Rapper issue Marketing How-Now). Seth defines 14 marketing trends […]

Marketing Trend: Infinite Channels

Marketing Trend #8 - Infinite Channels

This is marketing trend #8 in a series of 14 marketing trends adapted from Seth Godin’s book Meatball Sundae. Previously in this series: Hits to Niches. Infinite Channels In the Old Marketing it was relatively easy to get noticed. You simply bought up lots of mass media advertising – eyeballs – and people noticed. Hopefully, […]

Choose Your Best Online Channel

Online Channels

Today we have a lot of choice. And, this applies to showcasing, sharing and growing your business through the large number of online social media channels. And, this morning I had a great conversation with Irma Zimmerman about: What online channels are you using? And, which ones are you best suited to? Image from: Social […]

How to Select Your Content Marketing Channels

One of the challenges everyone faces around Content Marketing is to select their channels or their modes of sharing. Should I blog? Should I do video? Should I do a podcast? What are you positioned to attract? Recently, I was approached by a successful entrepreneur to work for his organisation. He had been a fan […]