Thought Leadership Content Marketing

Thought Leadership Content Marketing

Thought Leadership Content Marketing – Three Levels of Planning and Strategy  Content Marketing is the sharing of ideas to help readers make informed decisions. It’s a perfect fit for Thought Leaders because that’s what they do – share ideas.   But Content Marketing can be a big waste of time if you don’t do it […]

Hero’s Journey: Create your Brand and Marketing Message

Donald Miller - Building a Story Brand Book Cover

Hero’s Journey and What You Do The Hero’s Journey is a great tool to use when you’re asked the inevitable business question: What do you do? How do you usually answer that? Do you respond with a generic category? “I’m a… Business Coach, Accountant or Trainer.” Do you respond with your job title and business […]

What is a brand?

Idries Mootee - 60 Minute Brand Strategist

In 60 Minute Brand Strategist, Idries Moottee suggests: Brand is unarguably the most powerful business tool ever invented. (Pix). That’s a big call! So, what is a brand? What is a brand? Mootee puts it’s very simply: A Point of View – Your brand is what you base your business strategy on. A Customer Value […]

Brand Building Principles

Brand Building Principles

Recently, I’ve been approached by a client who has bought the rights to a powerful new product for distribution in Australia and New Zealand. They want me to create a brand new brand for them. That’s right, from scratch! At the simple level, they require a brand name, a logo and a website. At the […]

James Burgin: How to Craft Your Personal Brand

James Burgin - Craft your personal and professional brand

James Burgin talks about how to craft your personal and professional brand. This is episode 030 of the Ideas Architect Podcast. Our Topic: James Burgin James Burgin is an international brand expert and Managing Director of Brand Within. They offer an integrated approach to branding, marketing and business development with a special focus on knowledge […]

Brand Worship – What’s Your Cause?

How to attract a community around your brand by defining your cause, purpose, spirit and stand in the world. This slideshow is from the Book Rapper issue Brand Worshop and is derived from the book by Douglas Atkin: The Culting of Brands. Brand Worship 2 : Cause View more presentations from Geoff McDonald