Three simple ways to define your thought leadership

Three simple ways to define your thought leadership

How do you define your thought leadership? That’s a big question for content creators and aspiring thought leaders. I know a lot of people, including me, who have wasted a lot of time over many years trying to get this right. We’ve spent years going back and forth, back and forth, trying this and trying […]

Thought Leadership Content Marketing

Thought Leadership Content Marketing

Thought Leadership Content Marketing – Three Levels of Planning and Strategy  Content Marketing is the sharing of ideas to help readers make informed decisions. It’s a perfect fit for Thought Leaders because that’s what they do – share ideas.   But Content Marketing can be a big waste of time if you don’t do it […]

Hero’s Journey: Create your Brand and Marketing Message

Donald Miller - Building a Story Brand Book Cover

Hero’s Journey and What You Do The Hero’s Journey is a great tool to use when you’re asked the inevitable business question: What do you do? How do you usually answer that? Do you respond with a generic category? “I’m a… Business Coach, Accountant or Trainer.” Do you respond with your job title and business […]

What is a brand?

Idries Mootee - 60 Minute Brand Strategist

In 60 Minute Brand Strategist, Idries Moottee suggests: Brand is unarguably the most powerful business tool ever invented. (Pix). That’s a big call! So, what is a brand? What is a brand? Mootee puts it’s very simply: A Point of View – Your brand is what you base your business strategy on. A Customer Value […]

Brand Building Principles

Brand Building Principles

Recently, I’ve been approached by a client who has bought the rights to a powerful new product for distribution in Australia and New Zealand. They want me to create a brand new brand for them. That’s right, from scratch! At the simple level, they require a brand name, a logo and a website. At the […]

James Burgin: How to Craft Your Personal Brand

James Burgin - Craft your personal and professional brand

James Burgin talks about how to craft your personal and professional brand. This is episode 030 of the Ideas Architect Podcast. Our Topic: James Burgin James Burgin is an international brand expert and Managing Director of Brand Within. They offer an integrated approach to branding, marketing and business development with a special focus on knowledge […]

Brand Worship – What’s Your Cause? Purpose? Spirit?

Brand Worship: Turn Your Customers into a Cult Following

How to Build a Powerful Brand Brands provide meaning for people because they stand for something – they represent a promise or an ideal. But how do you create a powerful brand? It can all start with your cause. What do you want to have happen? If you’re not out to cause anything then you […]