Project Passion Introduction Part 2

Project Passion and How to Bring Your Ideas to Life Project Passion focuses on how to bring your ideas to life. But how do you do that? If only it was as easy as going to Mcdonald’s and putting in an order… This would guarantee a quick response and only cost a few bucks. Plus […]

Ideal – The Book

Ideal - Logo

Yesterday I declared that I am writing a new book. Here’s my outline for why I’m writing it, what I’m writing about and how I’m going to write it. Why The original intention behind creating Book Rapper was to write books. By reading a whole bunch of books, taking notes (the RAPs) it would be […]

The Paperless Book – Part 2

Todd Sattersten wrote a great article in his Biz Book Lab newsletter recently. I replied, he replied. And, then I replied again. Here’s what I wrote the second time… Read the first article: The Paperless Book – Part 1 One of the key references I look at in the conversation about new and old technologies […]

Timothy Ferris: The Four Hour Work Week

Context Most of us are stuck living a lifestyle we inherited. We followed our well-meaning parents plan of: Get a good education, Get a good job, Work hard and you’ll get to be the boss one day. Tim Ferris says it doesn’t need to be this way. We now have choices. He presents an alternative […]