Ideal – The Book

Yesterday I declared that I am writing a new book. Here’s my outline for why I’m writing it, what I’m writing about and how I’m going to write it.

Ideal - LogoWhy

The original intention behind creating Book Rapper was to write books. By reading a whole bunch of books, taking notes (the RAPs) it would be relatively easy to write a book. That was five years ago and now it’s time to put that collation together.

There’s also a deeper reason. Whilst Book Rapper has been successful for me in many ways, the one area that it has not achieved it’s goal is around my personal branding. Most people perceive Book Rapper as a direct summary of someone else’s idea. Whilst this is mostly true, it’s not entirely accurate. In some of the Book Rapper issues the RAP is a mere summary of the book. And, in other issues, it’s a complete rewrite with a whole bunch of new diagrams, ideas and ways of explaining things. This would not be noticeable unless you read both the book and the RAP.

Now I feel it is the right time to step outside the role of pedalling other people’s ideas and position myself as a thinker in my own right. This book is my immediate vehicle for doing this.


If I was to summarise what I have learnt from creating all of the Book Rapper issues (there are 49 of them!), it would be this…

If you were to design an organisation from scratch it would be based upon very different assumptions today as compared to ten, 20 or 50 years ago.

And, that’s what I want to share… My thoughts on how to design the ideal organisation today. And, thus my book, at least as a working title will be called ‘Ideal – How to Design an Organisation in the New Economy‘. It’s a bold play and a game worth playing.


I am committed to playing this book writing game publicly. I’m going to run a series of public webinars. I find putting a series of concepts in a set of slides and then speaking to them the best way for me to get my ideas out of my head in a coherent way. I don’t consider myself to be a natural writer. I’ll also be sharing what I create write here in my blog posts.

I’d love it if you wanted to read along and offer your comments along the way. This is your chance to co-write the book with me. Love to hear your thoughts about my book project? Does the title suck or is it of interest?

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