How to Create Your BIG Idea

Be THE Leader in Your MarketLeaders go beyond the job at hand. They offer direction, show clarity and inspire their clients. But how many of us do this?

Mostly, we are more interested in leading them to a sale to benefit us.

To be the leader in your market you need a Client Leadership Program. That’s right, a program that has you deliberately and proactively lead your clients.

To create your own Client Leadership Program each month would be costly and time-consuming.

Book Rapper provides a shortcut! We rewrite books by the best business brains on the planet. It’s the world’s best practice in under 30 minutes. You can subscribe and keep this all to yourself.

Or become THE leader in your market by sharing it with your clients. And have it branded with your logo and business message.

Then each month you have a great excuse to contact your clients with a special gift. A gift that offers direction shows clarity and inspires. Now, that’s leadership!

Your gift will be a valuable resource your clients will use and they’ll thank you for it. They’ll even ask you wne the next one is coming out. Who’s top of mind now?

Presented by the Ideas Architect Geoff McDonald – and creator of Book Rapper now been downloaded over 75,000 times.

Thursday, August 15, 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm AEST (Melbourne, Australia)

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