How to Generate Leads and Convert Clients

Generate Leads and Convert Clients

How to Generate Leads and Convert Clients in the next 28 Days by Sharing What You Already Know

Are you still out there chasing new work or do you have clients calling you?

Creating and sharing your expertise through Content Marketing is the new way to attract your ideal customers. It’s low cost or no cost, positions you as the expert and it generates leads 24 hours a day. And, when you add Custom Conversion Content you can start turning your leads into sales and money in the bank.

In this 60 minute online workshop we’ll discuss how you can generate and convert leads into sales in the next 28 days using Content Marketing.

We’ll cover:

  • How your customers buy today
  • How to generate leads for your ideal clients
  • What is Custom Conversion Content?
  • The types of Content that converts

Presented by the Ideas Architect Geoff McDonald – and creator of Book Rapper now downloaded over 75,000 times.

Tuesday, 1st August, 12:30pm to 1:30pm

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