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Best Business Books 2019 + Book of the Year 2019

Best Business Books 2019

Best Business Books 2019 My Best Business Books 2019… Each year I read a lot of books – in the range of 40-55 books. And given I’m always reading and always talking about the best business books, it makes sense that people ask me what I’m reading and what I’d recommend. To help with this…

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Book of the Year 2016

Best Books 2016

I love learning. And, I love to learn by reading books. Each year I aim to read 50 books – that’s one book each week. And, I’m pleased to say this year I made it! Through Book Rapper, I am known for my book nerd qualities and often people ask me to suggest something for…

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Find the Best Books

The Ten Best Books

Recently, I announced to my email friends that I was making a shift from working with business experts to working with medium sized companies to grow their business through innovation. And, as my attention has shifted to innovation over the past few months I’ve taken on a mini-personal PhD. And, the starting point for a…

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Best Books of 2014

Ten Best Books of 2014

If you’d rather listen to this article you can grab our podcast episode here. Our infographic of these best books is here. The Best Books I’ve Read This Year Each year for the past 12 years I’ve aimed to read 50 books. And, every year except one I’ve read at least 40 books. So far…

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Ideas Architect Podcast

Best Books of 2014 – Podcast

Our Topic What are the best books you’ve read in 2014? Each year for the past 12 years I’ve read between 40-50 books a year (except one year when I only read 30+ books). So far this year I’ve read 49 books. And, this sparks the obvious question: which ones are the best books I’ve…

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Best Books of the Decade

Best Books of the Decade What better way to round out the decade than declare the best books I’ve read during this time.So, how do you choose the best books you’ve read? I felt I had to go with the ones that have changed how I see the world and how I act in it.…

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