25 Favourite Apps and Software

Evernote - favourite apps

What are your favourite must have can’t live without apps and software? Here’s a list that I’ve compiled with a little help from my friends from Facebook and the people who read my weekly newsletter. A big thank you to all those who contributed to this article! 25 Favourite Apps Canva – A simple graphics […]

12 Essential Tools I Use in my Business

Essential Tools

What are the essential tools you use in your business? In this short, sharp Ideas Architect podcast, here’s the top 12 essential tools I use in my business. These are the tools, software and apps that I use and recommend 100%. There are others tools I use and can’t vouch for as solidly. Also, to […]

Time out: Tools for Rest and Recovery

Dejal - Time Out

Tools for Taking a Break Previously I mentioned an article by Chris Kresser about sitting as the new smoking. In this article, Chris mentions a number of ways to break up your work to avoid sitting down all day. One of the tools he mentions is called Time Out by Dejal. It’s a freeware app […]

How to Make $28.7 Million

How would you like to be 17 years old and have just sold your first app to one of the world’s tech giants for $28.7 million dollars? Source: Ben Grubb: The Age Summly and Making Apps It’s the stuff of dreams for most of us. And, it’s a reality for London resident Nick D’Aloisio. 17year […]