Book Rapper Review : What Would Google Do?

Jeff JarvisThe Book

Jeff Jarvis; What Would Google Do?; Collins Business, HarperCollins; New York; 2009.


This book has two distinct parts…
Firstly, ‘What is Google doing?’ Google is one of the most profitable companies on the planet. It’s a great case study for defining how business could and should be thinking and acting in our networked world.
Secondly, ‘What Would Google Do’ if it was involved in  various other industries? Jarvis speculates on how to apply Google Think to your business.


Jarvis outlines 40 Google success principles.
Then he applies them to 20 industries… Newspapers, Book Publishing, Motor Cars, Utilities, PR, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Retail, Government and more…


Is it getting tougher to make a buck in your industry? Are the old ways not working anymore? Are you under siege from new competitors? Are you looking to transform your company?
This book gives some big clues as to what you could be doing to reap greater rewards.
‘What Would Google Do?’ is a catalyst for an even more important question: ‘What will YOU do?’

Who’s It’s For

If in doubt, Google it. Their website answer machine can help you with the details. In this book you’ll find the answers to your big strategy questions.

Jeff Jarvis

This is not Jeff Jarvis the trumpet player. It’s not the Jeff Jarvis who ran Segway tours in Thailand either. Nor did he head up a mobile field service software provider. High school athletics is not his thing either. (P233)
This is Jeff Jarvis who’s the #1 Jeff Jarvis on Google – of course!
Jeff’s a big-time blogger, activator of ‘Dell Hell’ (search for it) faculty member at NY Grad School of Journalism and columnist for the Guardian in London.

Book Rapper Thinks…

This is a big picture book! And, I don’t mean it’s got a lot of photos in it.
It’s chock full of high-level principles and oodles of current and relevant speculative case studies on how to apply them.
My kind of book!

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