The Google Map

Google MapDerived from
Jeff Jarvis; What Would Google Do?

PROFIT :  Jeff Jarvis offers a wide range of ideas in his book. To organize them in a simple way for you to act on them we’ve created the BR Google Map – a five layered model for Googlizing your organization.


Every business operates within a bigger context. One critical aspect for business is the economic landscape. Economics is the study of the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services (Wikipedia). Whilst the economy changes through regular cycles of booms and busts, the laws of economics change less often. And, when they do, business needs to respond accordingly. What’s the context you’re operating within?

Business Design

Ideally, a business is designed to address a particular need or desire. For instance, people want to move from A to B so we give them transport.  This might be in the form of planes, trains or automobiles. The design of your business must change in sync with the needs and desires you’re fulfilling.


The way we structure and organize things shapes the results we get. For instance, if we pour water into a funnel it will concentrate the flow out the other end. Without the funnel water just goes everywhere. When we change our structure different results are possible. Choosing the right structure for your business is important to achieve the right results.


The decisions we make are based upon the things we hold to be important. If being honest is valuable to you, then lying is not likely to be acceptable. These values determine what goals we pursue and the acceptable means to achieving them.

View Points

Everyday we’re faced with situations that require a response. It could be as simple as stopping at a traffic light or deciding what sort of hair cut to get. These may change depending on your viewpoint at the time or they may form part of an ongoing guiding set of principles to live by.

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