Project Check: To Commit or Kill?

Andrew and Sue O'Brien: Couple on the Run

Are you stuck in a rut? Lacking motivation? Struggling to energise yourself? If this is you, then it might be time to check in with what ever you’re working on. And, it might be time to commit or kill.

One of the great killers of energy and aliveness is the feeling of resignation. This usually turns up when we’re on a long and/or tough journey.


A bit like running a marathon… 42 kilometres or 26 miles is a long way. I can imagine that at various times either in training or during the event, you’ll start to question what you’re doing and hear the whispers of self-doubt creeping through your thinking.

The Couple on the Run, Andrew and Sue O’Brien talk about their approach to running marathons. They say, “Let’s run to the next mile marker.” That’s it. When they get there, they commit to running to the next mile marker. They’ve now run more than 50 marathons together. This strategy is clearly working for them!

Your Projects

The same philosophy can be applied to many things. In particular, the projects you’re working on.

I’m currently confronting ‘commit or kill’ in my projects. I’ve been struggling with Book Rapper, Ideas Marketing, 1000 Manifestos, writing blog posts and completing my client work. And, now, I’ve had enough. It’s time to commit to continuing with these projects or to kill them off.

‘Commit’ means I play 100% towards my desired outcomes.

‘Kill’ means to put the project aside either temporarily or permanently.

Tomorrow, I’m sending out an email to the Book Rapper fans. I want their feedback so I can decide within seven days whether I’m going to kill off Book Rapper or commit to producing new RAPs.

Your Invitation

And, I’m inviting you to do the same. Write down the projects you’re working on and review them.

  • Are they going to plan?
  • Are you pleased with progress?
  • Are you thrilled, inspired and excited about them?
  • Then, choose: Commit or Kill.

Your Commitments

Now, an important point to consider. If you have a project where you have made commitments to other people, you’ll need to take this into consideration if you’re thinking of killing it off. For instance, if you have paid subscribers and you’re closing down, you may have to fulfil your orders or offer some value to make up the difference.

Can’t Choose?

This strategy of commit or kill is also a remedy for those of you who can’t decide which project to take on. Simply pick one. Then declare a timeframe and commit to it. Not forever. Just long enough to see a noticeable result. Three months or 90 days will usually work. Play hard, reach your pre-chosen timeframe or outcome, then review. And, finally, commit again or kill off your project.

Commit or Kill will keep your focus sharp and your energy high. It also allows your colleagues, customers and clients to relax because they’re clear what you are working on too.

Let me know what you decide with your projects: Commit or Kill?

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