What Do You Need to Do Your Work?


I’m currently travelling. Delivering a presentation in Wellington New Zealand this morning.

I’m up way too early… 4am Australian time. And, would you believe I’m so early for my presentation I have time to write this blog post! Mmm… I’d trade it for sleep!

Anyway, one of the interesting things about travelling is it exposes the bare minimum you need to get your work done. And, for the work that I do… consulting, presenting, business coaching and like, there are really on three essentials I need.

  1. My laptop
  2. An Internet connection
  3. A Phone

What do you need to get your work done?

The presumption here is that you’re the work engine. And, it really exposes the additional tools you need to get work done.

If things got really desperate, most of what I do could be done on another computer – particularly if most of my files are on the cloud via Dropbox. Also, whilst not ideal, I have no phone connection in NZ – I didn’t set this up before I left.

That highlights even more – I’m the work!

If you’re like me you may like some extra gadgets. And, what’s essential for you to get your work done? And, what does this tell you about the work that you do and the value you create?

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