Manifesto Score Case Study: Manifesto Manifesto

The Manifesto Manifesto

Time to take a dose of my own medicine… Our second Case Study using the Manifesto Score…

Manifesto: Manifesto Manifesto

Created by: Geoff McDonald


Manifesto Score

YES Manifestos are primal: Yes, we clearly have a manifesto!

NO Manifestos terminate the past: No end to anything here…

NO Manifestos create new worlds: No real creation or beginning either…

NO Manifestos trigger communities: No, not really. Getting a few people reading the blog feed and that’s about it.

NO Manifestos define us: No clear definition of a group…

NO Manifestos antagonise others: No mention of others…

NO Manifestos inspire being: No attitude or way of being defined…

YES Manifestos provoke action: Yes, it tells you how to act and what to include when writing your own manifesto…

YES Manifestos crave presence: Yes, a website campaign has been created… The Manifesto Project.

Manifesto Score 3

Score: 3 out of 9


To improve the Manifesto Score, here’s some suggestions…

This is a typical manifesto that is really a set of principles. Therefore the score of 3.

A set of principles is useful and would be more powerful as part of a bigger context. For instance, the Ten Commandments sits inside the bigger context of the Bible.

I think I need to go back my Bible. Or at least expand on the manifesto of The Year of the Manifesto.

What do you think?

Is that score about right? If you’ve got a list of principles as your manifesto, how could you create a bigger context around this? Add the other principles to improve your score.

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