Manifesto Score Case Study: Ban Comic Sans

Ban Comic Sans

Our first Case Study using the Manifesto Score…

Manifesto: Ban Comic Sans

Created by: Holly and David Combs


Score: 5 out of 9


Manifesto Analysis

YES Manifestos are primal: Yes, they clearly have a manifesto.

YES Manifestos terminate the past: Yes, end the use of Comic Sans

NO Manifestos create new worlds: No, their focus is on ending not creating

YES Manifestos trigger communities: Yes, there is a Facebook Page that has 143 friends LINK

NO Manifestos define us: No, not a clear definition of a group

NO Manifestos antagonise others: No, unless typefaces get offended and it only loosely affronts Microsoft who released the font.

NO Manifestos inspire being: No, what’s the attitude or way of being I should adopt?

YES Manifestos provoke action: Yes, banning and not using a font is an action that can be clearly taken.

YES Manifestos crave presence: Yes, a website campaign with a bunch of artefacts to support it. Well done!

Manifesto Score 5


To improve their Manifesto Score, here’s some suggestions…

  • Create new worlds: what would a world without Comic Sans be like? Describe it. This could be tantalisingly good… What would a world based on type appreciation be like?
  • Define us: Rather than appeal merely to the ‘common man’, a stronger emphasis on who are we could be good. For example, are we type lovers?
  • Antagonise others: Are we annoyed at Microsoft or those stupid, ignorant people who continue to use Comic Sans in inappropriate ways? Did this get up your nose? It was meant to…
  • Inspire being: How am I supposed to feel? What philosophy, attitude or way of acting am I proposing? Should we be proud and march triumphantly down the street now that we’ve banished Comic Sans?

How would you score Ban Comic Sans? Was I too harsh, too gentle or about right?


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