iPresent: How to enthrall your audience like Steve Jobs – Part 9

iPresent: How to enthrall your audience like Steve Jobs – Part 9 Derived from : Carmine Gallo; The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

Book Rapper Context : The Virtual Presenter – Part 3
In our previous post we offered
some new presentation modes as per the image below.

Now, let’s add one more presentation style…

The TWITTER Presenter

This one is a game changer!
Remarkably, all six presentation modes could be involved.
It plays out as a Typical Presenter with an added interactive twist.

The Typical Presenter stands in front of a live audience in real time.
In that live audience, listeners may be tweeting in real-time to an online audience that is face-to-place.

The presenter may be doing all the audible talking in the room.
And, another conversation via the Tweets may be happening simultaneously in the same room and outside it.

The presenter has a choice.
They can try to stop the tweeting and this would be reputational suicide. That’s not a real option.
The real choice is whether they interact with the Tweeps or not.

The reflex action may be to resist – why get involved with something that you don’t quite understand…

Be warned!
There have already been cases reported where presenters have been ‘Twit-attacked’ and been oblivious to it.

Could you imagine having the roomful of people you’re addressing laughing at you without you knowing? Disaster!

And, the tweets stay on the public timeline for anyone else to see at a much later date. Total disaster!

The better question to ask is:

What could happen if we interacted with the Tweeps?

Think of it as a chance for real-time feedback.
That sounds simple enough and it’s not so easy.

It’s the same challenge organizations are facing from digital media.
Gone are the days of one-way communication.
Advertising and PR professionals are struggling as a result.

And, now our Professional Speakers accustomed to their one-way messages are next in the firing line.
It’s time to adopt a two-way presentation mode.
Alternatively, you risk being attacked in the very room in which you’re presenting.

And, you may not even notice!

Speaker beware!

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