How to Educate Your Customers with Content

Derived from : John Jantsch, The Referral Engine
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Content is the new fuel for lead generation. Use it to educate your prospects to sample your wares; for your customers to learn how to grab the most value from your product/service and to instruct your advocates how best to refer you. And, it’ll get you past the gatekeepers. Here’s some important elements to consider as you develop your Content Marketing strategy…

Your Referral Trumpet

Outbound Leads

Traditional outbound lead generation tactics such as directory advertising, trade show attendance and print ads are losing their impact. They’ve become more expensive and less effective.

Content Actions

• Generate PR
• Use Social Media
• Write White Papers
• Gather Testimonials
• Teach in a presentation
• Educate via a workshop
• Blog news, tips and how-tos
• Interview other experts for a podcast

Three Content Marketing Goals

  1. Be talked about and have others toot good things about you.
  2. Share your secret way of doing things.
  3. Develop tools and material to highlight your point of difference.

Your Referral Trumpet

Inbound Leads

Replace outbound with inbound lead generation tactics where your customers find you. Building your online footprint has become your new marketing goal. The key is to generate buzz as you demonstrate your expertise.

Blend and Recycle

The great bonus of creating content is that you can slice and dice it into new configurations. For instance, once you write your White Paper you can tweet it’s key points, turn it into several blog posts, record it as a podcast, demonstrate it as a video and present it at your workshop.

Create Trigger Phrases

What are the words your customers say when they need what you sell? For instance, “I wish I had…” This is critical for your advocates to listen for opportunities to refer you.

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