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Derived from : John Jantsch, The Referral Engine
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Most traditional businesses rely on face to face contact to attract customers and provide service. Today, technology focussed businesses do most of the marketing and service delivery online. Both are useful. And, together they’re potent.

Your Referral Trumpet The Four Ps Meet the Four Cs

Traditionally marketing relied on the Four Ps : Product Place Price and Promotion. Today marketers are talking about the Four* Cs : Content Context Connection and Community.

Typically online businesses are good at creating content and context. Whereas traditional businesses are better at building connection and community. To generate an army of people trumpeting your business be great at both.

*Compare this with Joseph Jaffe’s 7Cs as discussed in Book Rapper issue Talk With Me.


Content is the new currency for marketing and lead generation. We no longer trust advertising, we don’t want to be sold to and digital technology lets us create it with relative ease. Write white papers, a blog, post videos, record podcasts and find ways to express your ideas, expertise and the value you provide. Do it online and present in person.


Making sense of what’s going on is the role of a leader and expert. Filter out the noise, link related ideas and provide clarity in the minds of your customers. Shifting context is a potent tool for creating opportunities and new ways of looking at things.


As we become more engaged in our technology, the need for the human touch increases too. And, we’re seeking empathy, support and motivation from unlikely sources – including brands and online sites. If you can create a cult following around your business, referrals will naturally follow.


Previously, we congregated in local groups based on where we live. Today, through the internet we are forming new communities based on common interest, shared ideas and the pursuit of common goals. The opportunity for assembling an army online and deepening relationships offline can be a potent driver for your business.
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