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The obvious place to source referrals is through your existing customers. Instead of thinking of individual referrals consider ways to generate multiple referrals.

Customer Network Referrals

The key to building a referral network through your customers is to design a systematic approach into your overall sales process and customer service.

Most people ask for a referral after the product or service has been delivered. Yet, the best time to ask is before you even start! In this way referrals become a condition of doing business and you set the expectation for what’s about to come. Then, you just need to exceed expectations. And, you can do that by simply tossing in something extra to what was expected – like 7 items in a box of 6.

Your Referral TrumpetQuestions to Create Your Customer Referral Network

• How will you gauge the level of referral participation present in your customer base?
• What process will you create to ensure a referral is a condition of doing business?
• How will you consistently exceed expectations in delivering your product/service?
• How will you reward your referral champions?
• What events can you create to build your own customer referral network?
• What tools and processes will you provide for others so they can effectively trumpet your services?
• And the most important question of all: How will you measure the value you create for your customers?


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