How to Create Strategic Referral Partners

Derived from : John Jantsch, The Referral Engine
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The Referral Trumpet The obvious place to source referrals is through your existing customers. A less obvious and potentially more lucrative opportunity is to form a network of business owners who cater to the same Ideal Customer.

Who else serves your Ideal Customer? And, I don’t mean your direct competitors. Create your own network of business owners to form referral making partnerships.

The first and most crucial step is to find strategic partners that you would be happy to refer. This is vital. Ask “Would I feel 100% comfortable to refer my best customer to this potential partner?” Choose wisely.

Questions to Create Strategic Referral Partners

• How will you source and test strategic partners?
• How will you share the value of your strategic partners to your customers?
• How will you cobrand your content to share through their network?
• What joint events will you create?
• How will you formally promote your strategic partners?
• How will you teach your strategic partners to generate more referrals?
• What can you do to ensure your network partners actively share referrals?


Buy The Referral Engine on Amazon (Affiliate Link)


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