How to Create A Marketing Plan That Inspires You

Most marketing plans are designed for implementation. That’s important. And, it’s not enough. How many times have you known what needs to be done and not done it? A dry, dull, mechanical plan will do that to you. An alternative is to write your Marketing Plan as a Manifesto. In this way, you will be inspired as well as hyper clear on what you’re building and how to implement it.

In this hands-on, practical, action-filled event you’ll:
• Define your big idea to attract your ideal clients more easily
• Create a clear vision for you and your business to keep you focussed
• Confirm who is your ideal client to make it easier to generate referrals
• Design a Community around your idea to accelerate your results
• Identify key elements to build your idea and bring your brand to life
• Write a powerful statement of your intent to inspire your daily action

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