Five Ways to Create Your Theme for the Year

Planning Your Theme For the Year

Previously we’ve talked about creating a theme for your year. And, I’ve shared my own theme of ‘retirement’.

Now, it’s your turn… Here five tips for defining the theme for your year ahead.

1 The Obvious

Is there an obvious theme? For instance, you’re about to quit your job, become a dad or publish a book?

2 What’s your Campaign?

You might want to focus on what you want to achieve. As per our Campaign’s model, this might be a Money goal (eg earn, save or invest X dollars), a Social goal (eg meet, serve or help X people) or an Ideas goal (eg write a book, create a seminar, build a prototype).

3 Your Reward

Rather than focus on your outcome you might want to stay tuned to the reward you’ll give yourself when you achieve it. Is it a Bose stereo, snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef or going on a second honeymoon?

4 Key Action

Rather than focus on the end, put your mind to the means. How are you going to get there? What’s the the number one thing you have to do to get to your result? For an athlete it might be training in a particular way. In business it might be meeting people face to face or publishing content online.

5 Way of Being

Instead of doing stuff, your theme could be a way of being, an attitude or a philosophy for the year. It could be the Year of Slow, the Year of Courage or Being Inspired. This is a good way to keep your energy up to ensure you get the job done.

Feel free to drop a comment below and share the theme you create. Going public with your intentions is a good way to make yourself accountable and ensure you win your game.


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