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All three Geoffs! geoff @ geoffmcdonald .com
0407 830 902

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Book Rapper

Book Rapper LogoI may have mentioned this… I take an important business book, dig out the gold and redesign it so you can get the big ideas in 30 minutes.
Here’s our issue called Ideal Growth.
It’s derived from Jim Stengel’s book Grow.
It’s all about how to build sustainable business growth – enjoy!
Right click and ‘save as’ to download.

And, here’s the link to the website: BookRapper.com


Geoff McDonald - The CentaurThis is my dream business that I’m working towards.
It’s all about design research through creating art-based models.
My paintings and sculptures are on this site.


Manifesto Project A project to collect and share 1000 manifestos.
A manifesto is a declaration of your intent.
It’s a cutting edge tool for defining and sharing your personal or business purpose.

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