Brand Worship – What’s Your Cause? Purpose? Spirit?

Brand Worship: Turn Your Customers into a Cult Following

How to Build a Powerful Brand Brands provide meaning for people because they stand for something – they represent a promise or an ideal. But how do you create a powerful brand? It can all start with your cause. What do you want to have happen? If you’re not out to cause anything then you […]

Brand Worship

The Book Douglas Atkin; The Culting of Brands: Turn Your Customers Into True Believers, Portfolio, Penguin, New York, 2004. The BIG Idea We all crave ‘meaning’ and ‘belonging’. Cult-like brands have become the new religion because they provide these two basic human needs. Speed RAP People queue overnight to be the first into the new […]

Brand Worship – The Culting Edge

Be more successful with your branding by learning from cults and how to build a community. This slideshow is from the Book Rapper issue Brand Worshop and is derived from the book by Douglas Atkin: The Culting of Brands. Brand Worship 1 The Culting Edge View more presentations from Geoff McDonald  

Three Ways To Turn Your Customers into Experts

Bad Photos This is a rather bad photo that I took at a wedding one day. Normally, I don’t show people my bad photos. And that’s my point. We don’t normally show people our bad work. And equally no one is going to say ‘Hey! What camera are you using?” or if they are, they’re […]

Three Ways to Initiate Your Customers

One of the first steps to creating a cult-like following around your brand or business is to initiate your customers. Creating and celebrating initiation ceremonies is a natural part of human culture and has been practised since we lived in caves. Classic examples are birthdays, weddings, christenings, graduation ceremonies and the Jewish bar mitzvah. Two […]

Five Ways to Make Your Brand More Exclusive

One of the biggest brand mistakes you can make is to try to appeal to everyone. Therefore, one of the keys to making your brand more powerful is to make it more exclusive. Here’s five ways you can make your brand and your business more exclusive. 1 Invitation Only Think of the classic country club, […]

The Biggest Brand Mistake You Can Make

One of the keys to having is a cult-like following is to deliberately create some division in your market. And great examples of this can be found in almost every sporting competition. In the Australian Football League (AFL), there is a team called Collingwood. And, Collingwood is your archetypal sporting team. They have a long […]

The Four Levels of a Cult-Like Following

If we want create a cult-like following around our brands and business then it helps to have some way to assess the qualities of our followers and fans. Here’s four levels of cult-like behaviour to give you a few clues as to what to look and strive for. 1 Use The first level is someone […]

How I Joined a Cult and Didn’t Know It

I think most of us are members of cults and we don’t even know it. Is that you? Are you a member of a cult? Usually, we immediately shake our heads and say, “Absolutely not!” Being a member of a cult is not really something you put on your census form. Play along and see […]

How to Create a Cult Following – Slideshow

Most of the time branding is merely cosmetic. It makes you look good but doesn’t earn you any money. A more powerful approach is to design the systems and touch points your customers have with your business – your entire business. Do this well and you’ll attract customers, build loyalty and generate referrals. In this […]