Electronify: The Watch

Omega Watch

Do you wear a watch? I don’t and haven’t for a while. Watches have been through a remarkable transformation over the past 30 years. They epitomize the trend I’ve called ‘electronify’ that we transform mechanical products into electronic ones they inherit a host of new features and let us do new things. Electronify: make me […]

Four Ways Information Transforms

Previously we introduced the seven disruptive design principles of every new thing. And, we shared an example of how information has been added to the motor car and transformed it from a mechanical beast to a fully-automated driverless vehicle. Today we want to share some of the other ways that information is transforming the design […]

Inform: The Motor Car

Google's Driverless Car

Information drives our awareness and understanding of what is happening in our world. It’s not new. Human beings have known and shared stuff ever since our ancestors started grunting at each other. Then along came writing which let us capture what was said so others could read it minutes, days and even thousands of years […]

Seven Disruption Design Principles

Seven Disruption Design Principles

Here are the seven principles from my new-old book Every New Thing… I’ve been thinking of them as design principles for new products and services. And, given they could create revolutionary products I’m calling them disruption design principles… 1 Inform: tell me something Definition: Things that inform us, educate us, we can learn from In […]

Innovation Design Principles

Cisco Chairman, John Chambers

Previously I introduced my book from 2001, Every New Product. And, my intention to update it based on current events. Thus, my new old book… And, this will be my basic theme for my blog for the near future. Today I want to share the underlying concept behind the book: Design Principles The Need for […]

My New Old Book

Previously, I wrote about how I’d been taking a shortcut in getting my blog posts out to meet my personal quota of one a day. And, that I’d been writing about things that weren’t forwarding my purpose of writing books to secure speaking engagements talking about the near future now. My New Book Project Today, […]