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One of the struggles of being in business for yourself as a business expert, subject matter expert or thought leader is to establish your reputation and ideally, create a unique market position.

By being unique you:

Image: A Visual Metaphor by The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation – passive smoking is as deadly as using a gun!

Brand Metaphor

One of the simple ways to create your unique market position is to use a brand metaphor. This is a turn of phrase that compares what you do to something else.

I call myself the ‘Ideas Architect’. This is my brand metaphor. It works because it is based on the unique story of who I am and my personal background. I literally used to be an architect and no longer design buildings. Instead, I help people design their ideas.

Brand Metaphor Examples

Here are some real examples…

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Qualities of a Good Brand Metaphor

Here are three qualities for a good brand metaphor:

How to create your Brand Metaphor

To create your brand metaphor the two key questions to ask are:

  1. What do I do?
  2. What is that like?

It might take some time to come up with the perfect brand metaphor. The only trick is to come up with lots of examples until you find one that fits you and your business.

More Examples

Here are some more examples that I just made up…

Comment: I’d love to collect some more examples. If you already use a brand metaphor then share it below.


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