Another 44 Actions to build Word of Mouth Marketing

Andy Sernovitz's Word of Mouth Marketing bookDerived from…
Andy Sernovitz, Word of Mouth Marketing

  1. Gift temporary brand tattoos
  2. Refer others to your friends
  3. Create a funny product name
  4. Redesign your packaging
  5. Send sneak previews
  6. Add photos from events
  7. Provide soft-copy handouts
  8. Offer ‘Bring a Friend’ for events
  9. Give 2 biz cards: extra one to share
  10. Highlight your popular blog posts
  11. Talk to your customers – novel?
  12. Add ‘Forward this’ to your emails
  13. Share a memorable story
  14. Have a handout to give away
  15. Use coupons for special offers
  16. Send a ‘snail mail’ postcard
  17. Use Google Alerts to listen
  18. Deliberately make a spalling error
  19. Survey customers opinions
  20. Collect video testimonials
  21. Add Share This to your blog
  22. Invite reviews on your website
  23. Offer a useful service for free
  24. Reward repeat customers
  25. Share photos on Flickr
  26. Write a catchy PR release
  27. Add a gift to every sale
  28. Have an invite-only newsletter
  29. Solve problems superfast
  30. Partner with a not-for-profit
  31. Link to comments about you
  32. Reward people for feedback
  33. Segment your database
  34. Respond calmly to negative WOM
  35. Resolve complaints quickly
  36. Use crowdsourcing
  37. Run a competition
  38. Make it easy to contact you
  39. Put an offer on your business card
  40. Ask for product reviews
  41. Answer online questions
  42. Say and send thank you’s
  43. Check your Google ranking
  44. Do something SuRpRiSiNg

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