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25 Ask Supporters Questions

Part 25 of 27 Social Media Lessons From Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign

Obama’s Campaign discovered key information by simply asking their supporters.

27 Social Media Lessons From Barack Obama's Presidential CampaignOne of the simplest and most powerful ways to involve your supporters is to ask them a question. The ideal time to do this is when they are signing up. And, the closer this provides mutual benefit the better. When supporters signed up and were creating their MyBO Profile they were asked two key questions

  1. Why do you support BO? This was potent because it prompted individuals to share their motivation fuelling public support.
  2. Are you registered to vote? This was critical to ensure they could translate online support into the desired and ultimate offline act.

Action : Find out what motivates your supporters by asking simple questions.

Derived from Rahaf Harfoush, Yes We Did

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