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Archive | March, 2015

Innovation Lessons - Curry

Innovation Lessons from Cooking Curry

How to Cook a Curry I was talking recently with a colleague about food. In particular, we were talking about some of the ways different food in different countries evolved. The standout example was Indian food. In India we all know about the heavy use of spices in preparing curries that are cooked long and…

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Ruslan Kogan

The Kogan Laws of Success

Kogan Technology How does someone start out in their parent’s garage selling TVs on eBay and turn that into a business with sales of $350 million in only seven years? This is the story of Australian entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan. Today, Kogan Technology is one of Australia’s fastest growing companies. Its Australia’s Amazon. They’ve just delivered…

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Communication or Conversation

Communication or Conversation?

All marketing is under attack. The era of pre-prepared, one-way Communication is over. It’s time to converse back and forth. It’s time to stop talking ‘at’ your customers and start talking ‘with’ them. What is Communication? Communication: Marketer generated or initiated often without any concern or consideration for the intended recipient. Advertising aims to interrupt,…

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Calculator - Business Measures

Business Measures: Count This!

It’s perhaps no surprise that for weight loss, the keystone habit is often journaling. Simply writing down everything you eat starts to create awareness about what you are actually eating. What you measure matters because counting something requires a degree of focus. 12 Power Habits to Make Your Life Easier How to Create Winning Habits…

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Ideas Architect Podcast

The Best Thing I’ve Learnt

Recently a colleague asked me: What’s the best thing you’ve learnt in the past six or twelve months? And, I immediately thought, ‘What a great question!’ It took a little longer to come up with my answer. Firstly, I think this is a great question that we should all take a moment and consider. What…

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The Lean Startup

The Lean Startup Review

The Book Eric Ries, The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses, Crown Business, New York, 2011 Rapid Book Review The Lean Startup is a New York Times best seller that has sparked a global movement. It’s a philosophy for innovation that will help you turn your ideas into products…

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Out of date - 2013 Year Planner

Are you out of date?

On the weekend I was doing a spring clean. (Even though it’s not actually Spring in Australia). Along the way, I found an unopened Year Planner in mint condition. I thought ‘this could be useful’ until I realized that it was a Year Planner for 2013. Mmm… that’s two years ago. Not much use unless…

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Conversational Organisation

The Conversational Organisation

Conversational Marketing Previously in this series we talked about Five Ways to Join a Conversation. The shift from Communication Marketing to Conversational Marketing is not about changing the name of some job roles. It requires a complete restructure from your silo of specialities to unified divisions. The traditional organization is built around a group of…

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Famous People, Famous Manifestos

What is best for your clients?

How do you choose your best online channels? This is our third and final part in this series. We started with our podcast here talking about the various online platforms, then asked ‘What positions you well?’ and ‘What are you good at?’ Today we ask: What do your clients want? A Better Question For most…

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Geoff's Strength Finder Results

What are you good at?

In our recent podcast episode we explored How to Choose Your Best Online Channel. And, to help you choose your online channels we suggested there were three questions to explore. This is part two in this series. What positions you well? What are you good at? What do your clients want? Positioning or Strength? It…

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