Communication or Conversation?

Communication or Conversation

All marketing is under attack. The era of pre-prepared, one-way Communication is over. It’s time to converse back and forth. It’s time to stop talking ‘at’ your customers and start talking ‘with’ them.

What is Communication?

Communication: Marketer generated or initiated often without any concern or consideration for the intended recipient.

Advertising aims to interrupt, disrupt, intervene and intercede in the off chance that you might be in the mood to buy.

PR is the spin we put on our message so you’ll think better of us.

What is NOT Conversation?

Word of Mouth marketing is part of a conversation. It’s not really how you’d talk to your friends though. More of a starting point to make it easy to spread your message.

Buzz or Viral marketing may be part of a conversation too. Again, Viral is about spread, not back and forth interaction.

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What is Conversation?

Conversation: A two-way dialogue or a stream of messaging between two or more parties with like-minded or shared beliefs, wants, needs, passions or interests. Not initiated by any one person, side or organization.

Conversational marketing is when you actually talk and listen to your customers. Think of having a yak with your greengrocer at ye old fruit and vegie market. The concept is that simple.

PS : Not all conversation is good!   Being a blabbermouth, ignoramus, arrogant SOB, or a disreputable source is not quite what we had in mind.

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This is from the Book Rapper issue Talk With Me that is derived from: Joseph Jaffe’s fabulous book Join the Conversation.


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