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Your Design Strategy

What is the role of design in your organisation? Is it an after-thought or the core driver of your success? Here we consider design strategy and the three building blocks for using it to make a difference. Design Strategy A key Apple strategy is not to focus on market share. Instead, they focus on margins…

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Five Lean Startup Principles

The Lean Startup Method is based on five principles. They highlight the difference between traditional management that aims to get things done and innovation management that aims to create new things. 1 Entrepreneurs are everywhere Startups don’t just happen in garages. Anyone creating a new product or service is effectively a startup. And, this includes…

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The Lean Startup

Eight Innovation Sandbox Rules

The opposite of hiding innovation is to create a public place to play – an Innovation Sandbox to promote rapid iterations. Here’s eight guidelines for building your innovation sandbox… Start small. Any team can create a true-split test for parts of the product or service. No experiment can affect more than a specified number of…

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Startup Definition

Why Startups Fail

Don’t let the word ‘startup’ fool you. You don’t have to be starting a whole new organisation from scratch, you merely need to be starting something new. For instance, creating a new product or service. We hear the success stories… an entrepreneur starts a business in his parent’s garage and goes onto billion-dollar success. It…

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Planet Earth

How Mobile Changes the World

More people on the planet have mobile phones than adequate sanitation. Whilst sanitation is important, the mobile computer potentially can deliver greater good. Here’s how this could work… 1 Mobile Networks No other core infrastructure has ever been so rapidly deployable: one cell tower versus networks of roads, railways, health care, schools, electricity and water.…

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The Product Food Chain

How to Choose the Right Product

A simple framework for choosing the right product for you to create is the three Cs of the Product Food Chain: Capture, Create and Congregate. 1 Capture The first level of product creation is to capture what you’re already doing. For instance, in Speaker mode you can make an audio or video recording of you…

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Ideas Architect Podcast

Speakers Business Models

What’s the single biggest issue facing the Professional Speaking industry? I think it is business models. And, the driver of this challenge is the same digital technology that is disrupting almost every industry. Traditionally, speakers stood in front of live audiences and strutted their stuff. Whilst that’s still a viable career path, my research suggests…

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Make Money From Speaking

Business Models for Speakers

Earlier this week I presented to National Speakers in Melbourne on the topic of Business Models for Speakers. I offered four key messages: What is a Business Model? – We discussed a simple definition of a business model that focuses on what and how you provide value to your customers. Romancing the Stage – Particularly…

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Daniel Pink - To Sell is Human

Seven Pitch Techniques

I love Dan Pink’s work. I’ve read all five of his books and rapped two of them over at Book Rapper. And, today we draw from his most recent book: To Sell is Human. The Pitch A pitch is a persuasive message. As Pink suggests, a pitch is not about completing a sale. Instead, its…

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