The Lean Startup Guide to Managing Innovation

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries is THE bible for entrepreneurs launching new products and new ventures. It’s also the essential guide for innovators in organisations wanting to crack the stranglehold of traditional management. Instead of getting things done, the Lean Startup philosophy shows you how to manage to create new things. Who is Lean […]

Turn Your Blog Posts into Books – Podcast

Reading Books - My Passion!

Recently I clocked up the magnificent milestone of having published 650 blog posts. And, this started me thinking about how I could re-purpose and re-use this content in new ways. The obvious question for me was how to turn these blog posts into books. Our Topic This is episode #48 of the Ideas Architect podcast. […]

The Presentation Secrets of Seth Godin

The Presentation Secrets of Seth Godin

Previously, I wrote about having lunch with Seth Godin. And, in particular, the three key ideas from his presentation. As a fellow presenter, it’s almost automatic for me to take two sets of notes when in someone else is on stage. I’m constantly checking their content (what they say) and their presentation style and structure […]

Lunch with Seth Godin

Seth Godin

Recently I had lunch with Seth Godin courtesy of my good friend Bill Jennings. I’d like to say it was just me and Seth and… It was in a room with 300 others at a Business Chicks event in Melbourne. As usual for me watching a live presentation I’m always tracking both ‘how’ they do […]

Gihan Perera Interviews Geoff McDonald

The tables have been turned! Instead of me interviewing other people, this time Gihan Perera has asked the questions and I’ve provided the answers. Our Topic Gihan Perera is a long-time colleague who has written a number of books and helped thousands of experts and organisations understand how the internet has changed our world. He […]

Habit Challenge: My Ten Day TV Fast

Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit

There seems to be a groundswell of interest in habits at the moment. I’ve been noticing this trend ever since I rapped Charles Duhigg’s fabulous book The Power of Habits for Book Rapper a couple of years back. Lately, I’ve been devouring these works on the same topic: Leo Babauta, The Power of Less Steve […]

What is Going On? Part 2

Our Topic A couple of weeks back I published my first book in over ten years: What the #$%?! Is Going On? And, last week we shared the introduction and two of the 25 big ideas contained in the book. And, here’s three more to help satisfy you appetite for big ideas. In this Podcast […]

What is Going On?

Our Topic Last week I published my first book in over ten years: What the #$%?! Is Going On? And, this week in this podcast episode I share the introduction and two of the 25 big ideas contained in the book. In this Podcast Episode In this podcast episode we share four chapters from the […]