Five Books To Learn From

Five Books

Given, I’m known as the Book Rapper it’s probably not a surprise that I love to read books. And, lately, I’ve been devouring them as if they’re going out of supply. I’m sure that’s not happen, in fact, there is very strong evidence that suggests the opposite is happening. The flood of books is growing […]

Remote: Office Not Required – Book Review

Remote the Book

Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, Remote, Vermillion, London, 2013. Previously we reviewed their earlier book Rework. This one is equally brilliant, easy to read and super useful. It’s an Important Trend For the past 500 years workers have been employed and paid based on showing up at the workplace and doing their work. It […]

Content Marketing: The New Way to Sell

Stuart Harris

Are your sales floundering? It might be that you’re selling in a way that no longer works. In this podcast episode we talk about the new way to sell using Content Marketing and Social Media.. It’s a recent interview with Stuart Harris on his Online Effectiveness show. For me, it was the first time I’d […]