Turn Your Blog Posts into Books

Reading Books - My Passion!

My Milestone I’ve had an interesting response to my earlier blog post where I shared my milestone of having written and published 650 blog posts. This post is #658. One of the comments that surprised me most was by a colleague who didn’t know one other person who had even published 100 posts let along […]

Can I Buy You Lunch?

Experts Lunch

My Start as a Business Consultant To some extent, I began my career as a consultant or business coach by being paid in food. Essentially, people started to say, “Can I buy you lunch and pick your brain” or something like that. At first, I used to think this was a wonderful thing. All I […]

Blind Strengths: Unlock Your Expertise

Blind Strengths

Strengths, Weaknesses and Hidden Talents I’ve had another thought in the series I’ve been writing around working in your strengths, overcoming your weaknesses and exposing your hidden talents. In particular, we spoke about our hidden talents… the things we do that we don’t share with others. I think there’s another group of strengths that are […]

Wes Towers: The New Rules of Website Marketing

Wes Towers, Omnific Design

Wes Towers from Omnific Design talks about the new rules of website marketing for consultants. It’s how to use your website to generate leads. This is episode 029 of the Ideas Architect Podcast. Our Topic: Wes Towers Wes Towers has been running Omnific Design for over 10 years providing website marketing and graphic design. In […]

How do you do your best work?

Product Plan - Retirement Plan -Holiday

Previously, we wrote about The End of the Desk and we considered three massive workplace trends. Also, I’ve been writing a bit lately about working in your strengths, overcoming your weaknesses and exposing your hidden talents. When you bring all of this together you reach this basic and fundamental question: How do you do your […]

The End of the Desk: 3 Massive Workplace Trends

Workplace trends: the end of the desk

Three Workplace Trends In the not so recent past, there was a fundamental presumption that doing your best work happened as you sat at your desk in front of your computer. Offices over the past century were all based on this line of thinking. Today, this presumption no longer fits. Like most things, the traditional […]

Milestones: 652 Blog Posts

Birthday Party Milestones

I noticed the other day that I was posting my 650th blog post. Today’s is #652. And, I thought that’s pretty cool, I should celebrate this in some way. And, what better way than to write about it and share what I think it means. My Blog Milestones Firstly, let’s start with some stats. My […]

Eight Steps to Create Profitable Products

Geoff McDonald discusses the eight steps you need to take to create profitable products. This is episode 028 of the Ideas Architect Podcast. Our Topic: Create Profitable Products What are the steps that you need to take to create your product? In particular, how do you avoid creating a product no one wants. Instead, you […]

Three Obvious Things We Forget About Business

Famous People, Famous Manifestos

Do you ever stop and think that you’ve been making things hard and more complicated than you need to? I’ve been going through a phase where I’ve been questioning how I go about building my business. And, the good news is I’m seeing business as a simpler thing than I used to. Maybe this is […]

Brett Jarman: Build a Business with Purpose

Brett Jarman

Brett Jarman, Author of Soul Operator. Episode 027 of the Ideas Architect Podcast. Brett Jarman is a small business expert who believes that purpose and enjoyment in business is the key to productivity and profit. Having worked in over 30 countries around the world in a number of roles and businesses, he brings a wealth […]