Sell Your Ideas: Six Success Principles

Sell Your Ideas

Sell Your Ideas: Six Success Principles for Giving Your Idea a Potent Twist Welcome to Episode 021 of the Ideas Architect Podcast. Our Topic: Sell Your Ideas Geoff McDonald shares a Book Rapper recording from one of his favorite books. In this episode Geoff takes the ideas from the brothers Chip and Dan Heath’s best […]

Marketing Partnerships with Simone Novello

Simone Novello, PartnerUp

Marketing Partnerships are when two organisations work together to achieve a marketing goal. Today we talk with Marketing Partnership expert Simone Novello from PartnerUp. This is Episode 20 of the Ideas Architect Podcast. Our Topic: Marketing Partnerships Why find 1000 customers when you can find 1 person who already has 1000 customers. That’s the fundamental […]

Context: How to Drive Action

Product Plan - Retirement Plan -Holiday

How is a Manifesto different from a Mission and Vision Statement? In part one, we talked about ‘Who is it For?’ And, here we discuss the second big difference… the context they set. The End of Things As the terms suggests, the Vision or Mission Statements define the place we want to finish up. If […]

Mission and Vision Statements Versus Manifesto

Manifesto Project - How to Write a Manifesto

THE question that I’m asked the most about manifestos is: How are they different to a mission statement or a vision statement? My usual answer tends to focus on two things: Who they’re for and what they’re about. Mission and Vision Statements The big problem with Mission and Vision Statements is that they are usually […]

Stories, Legends and Communities with Andrew Melville

Andrew Melville

Our latest interview with Andrew Melville. Episode 019 of the Ideas Architect Podcast. Our Topic Andrew Melville is a master of communication. With a background as a journalist, in PR, as a radio show host, community worker and university lecturer he’s tackled communication from many angles. Add to this his empathy for and understanding of […]