Seth Says: Start a Book Club

Seth Says: Start a Book ClubSeth Godin is one of the most popular bloggers on the planet. Each day you get a slice of wisdom worth contemplating. In his most recent post, “Is it too late to catch up?” he outlines a simple plan to get your organization up to speed in the digital media […]

Review: Gary Vaynerchuk ‘Crush It!’

Review: Gary Vaynerchuk: Crush It! Why Now is the time to Cash in on your Passion Who said you had to be a great writer to create a great book? In another example of ‘the world has changed’ Gary ‘I can’t write’ Vaynerchuk has just produced a worthy best seller with his first book. Of […]

Google Think: How to Survive, Thrive and Jive in the Digital Economy

Google Think: How to Survive, Thrive and Jive in the Digital EconomyThe Latest Book Rapper issue ‘Google Think’ is now available at our website: The BookJeff Jarvis, What Would Google Do? Speed RAP A number of traditional industries are struggling to survive the digital economy – newspapers, real estate agents, advertisers, PR, department stores…Google […]

The Top 10 Internet Moments of the Decade

The Top 10 Internet Moments of the Decade (Source: The Age) What are the most influential internet moments of the decade? The Webby Awards are happening again and they’re reviewing the noughties decade with their top 10 of internet moments. Here’s the list: Craigslist online classified site expands outside San Francisco (2000) The launch of […]

A Short History of Branding: A Soap Story

Once upon a time in a small village, a local soap maker produced his wares and sold them out of his own front door. For the other locals in the town this was a godsend. After their weekly bath you could hear them sing, ‘Clean at last! Clean at last!’ As the village became a […]

The Remarkable World We Live In

This morning I woke to see another avalanche of emails descending on my inbox. As usual, I scanned through to see if there was anything interesting…Sure enough, there was and one in particular stood out. It was from someone in the US who was asking for permission to use one of my images in a […]

Global Glue: Connect and Grow Rich

Here’s our latest Book Rapper issue: Global Glue: Connect and Grow Rich. The Book Iggy Pintado; Connection Generation: How connection determines our place in society and business. Speed RAP Forget which generation you were born into! Digital Media has connected us all into a new one. We’re the Connection Generation. Connection Technology has made it […]

Book Rapper Context: Movies and Blogs

Have you ever wondered where the word ‘movie’ comes from? Usually, when something new is invented, it takes the name of some thing that exists, something that is already familiar to us. For example, the internet was once called an ‘information superhighway’. The ‘car’ was the ‘motor car’ which came from ‘motor carriage’. Before that, […]

Future Blind Part 2: Photoshopping

In another case of the ridiculous… the French lawmakers are considering making photoshopping illegal! Last week, we had the Victorian government body Vicroads bringing in laws to limit GPS enabled smartphones only to be used as phones within a motor vehicle. We labelled this a classic case of ‘future blind’ where some one makes a […]

How do you gather your information? Search Engines or Social Networks?

Mike Hickinbotham on LinkedIn asked an interesting question: “Will people prefer social networks over search engines to gather information” Here’s my response… Social networks are taking over from search engines for the less specific questions we have in life. Google is great at finding specific things. It’s like using the card catalogue or computer at […]