Wise: How to Make Collaborative Decisions

Wise : How to Make Collaborative Decisions

The Book

James Surowiecki, The Wisdom of Crowds, Anchor Books, New York, 2005

Speed RAP

The world has gone collective! Making good decisions has always been important. Now, Surowiecki points us to the most effective way possible and it’s a collaborative approach. It’s time to employ internet and digital technologies to make it easier to tap a wider audience and make smarter decisions more often.

The Big Idea

Contrary to popular belief, the wisdom of a large group of people will consistently make better decisions even in comparison to the smartest individuals or small group. Whilst we typically rely on experts to tell us what to do, relying on Collective Wisdom will give you better results.

Your Challenge

Include more people in your decision-making. Start by reviewing whether you make the most of your decisions by considering the wisdom of others. Read the articles and incorporate at least 3 of the tips into your regular actions.

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