What’s the opposite of Resistance?

What’s the opposite of Resistance?

Derived from…

Seth Godin, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable


How to Overcome Your Natural Resistance

To Resist or Ship
Shipping is the opposite of resisting.
The reason we start anything is to finish it.
And, the only way to create a masterpiece is to finish.
It’s not a guarantee to master-piecedom and it is essential.
The world moves and changes when we publish.
Without it we only have wonderings.
Wondering what might be…
To be a Linchpin we need to put our art out there and into the world.
We need
to ship.

Making Time to Ship
Here’s four ways to increase the time you have to ship…

Internet Diet
Stop checking your email every five minutes. Instead limit it to five times a day. The same applies to social media…

Go flat out for a short sprint and get things done. When you go fast there’s no time to be anxious!

Employ infrastructure
Use existing platforms to amplify your idea and results. For instance, use a publisher to get your book out quickly.

Use Seth’s Strategy

  1. Highlight the date you’ll ship.
  2. Take notes: use post-it notes, index cards or whatever to record every thing you can do about your idea.
  3. Thrash out the idea with your team.
  4. Collect your cards and discuss them with your team.
  5. Put the cards into a database.
  6. One person reviews the database and creates a complete project description.
  7. Take the blueprint from step ? and get approval to proceed.
  8. When you get a clear and decisive approval then start work.

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